Social Seating on your next Flight?

When I walk into an airplane I always dread the moment when I come closer to my row. Will I sit next to the mom with the screaming baby, or will it be the overweight old guy who is taking up more space then his seat offers him, or is it going to be the big group of Italian tourists who are already chatting away enthusiastically. No matter what it will always feel unfair that you have no say in with whom you will spend the next hours on your side.

Quite the good idea from Dutch airline KLM then to offer  a special service to avoid any surprised with your seat neighbors. With Meet&Seat you get the chance to connect your flight with facebook and see who else is on the same plane. This way you can choose to sit next to someone who you might have some common interests with. Great! To promote this new service KLM has launched the Be My Guest campaign featuring super model Yfke Sturm and some other popular Dutch personalities that gives you the chance to win a trip to New York. Have a look at the video after the jump.

commercial break with KLM

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