All that Jazz!

I never watch television apart from Sunday nights. It’s very difficult to lure me away from the screen then, because at 11 p.m. ttt is on which is hosted by Dieter Moor and I must admit I am almost a little bit in love with him. Thus he always tells me Good Night at the end of the week and I can doze off in peace.

When I read that Dieter Moor was hosting the Award Ceremony of the Echo Jazz 2012 I accepted the invitation immediately…

But there was much more to admire than Dieter Moor at the Echo Jazz 2012. We heard great music and the ceremony was really nice and felt more like a family reunion. The winners from all main categories came to Dresden to accept their prices and perform live. Quiet sounds from Jasmin Tabatabai, an emotional piece from Iiro Rantala and Magnus Öström, something fun by Götz Alsmann + Band, Cluesos sung laudation and Katja Riemans truly moving speech filled the gläserne Manufaktur. The echo of the venue reminded me of that in churches and was quite fitting for the occasion, which reminded me that I should really go to Jazz Clubs more often.

For those of you thinking the same the Exil Bar (Dresdener Str. 9, 10999 Berlin) occasionally has free live Jazz in a nice environment and the mdr shows the Echo Jazz 2012 ceremony this Thursday (7.6.2012) from 23:35h.

photos: Monique Wuestenhagen und Markus Nass / BVMI

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