The Weekend Party Guide (VeNUS eclipse)

Light Asylum

Lunar and Venus have had an eclipse and let us stumble around like idiots. Astrolis says: anything is possible, so go ahead for three days of party! Don’t forget watching soccer. Soccer and party where? Take a look after the jump:


Certain People continues with the peachiest of all Peaches, playing at Berghain tonight and if that wasn’t enough, Light Asylum who just released a new video, and Planning To Rock ( dj set ) will be playing, too!

Araabmuzik *live* plus Sick Girls (Revolution No. 5/D) + special guest. Berlins first regular party for UK Bass, Grime, Garage, Dubstep, Funky and Witch House!


Klasse Recording presents Bones. KLS019 takes form in Luca Lozano’s third full EP for Klasse Recordings, a three tracker of outstanding sonics and grooves to make you move. To celebrate they are holding a release party at the Prince Charles club!  Get a preview of some of the artists that will be joining Klasse later in the year. Djs Luca Lozano, Sacha Robotti, Mr. Ho and more!


As announced here last week, this time the Reisen Macht Den Kopf Frei open air will be taking place this weekend after it has been postponed due to the weather. It doesn’t look much better this week but we keep fingers crossed for the makers, guests and djs such as Round Table Knights and Ruede Hagelstein at Kiessee Kiekebusch, Rotberger Dorfstraße (L402), 12529 Kiekebusch bei Schönefeld for 15 Euro!

Watch soccer at Kreuzberg based Backyard,  a family like atmosphere in a big yard with a big screen ( inside when it rains ) and djs playing. There will be Barbecue with self service, so bring your Wurst, drinks provided at the bar. Gitschinerstr. 22, U Prinzenstr, next to the pool!

It’s birdy time. Mitte based Flamingo Club pays Tribute to Ashra Temple with Bianca Checker, Dj Kaos and Joel Martin. Kleine Präsidentenstr. am Monbijoupark, S – Bahnbogen 157 / 158, 8 Euro, free til 11 pm!

Bodi Bill at Gretchen Club! Bodi Bill dj set, Thomalla, Demir & Seymen and Jan Mir at Gretchen!

Suterrain deep in Wedding at the Stattbad with Sascha Dive, Sven Weisemann, Konrad Black, Cinthie, Fresh Meat and more at S – Bahn Wedding. There is also an exhibition opening at 8 pm, Guillermo Aguilar-Huerta “Kreuzworträtsel” + “Universal” presented by stylistberlin!

Purge, the party that isn’t a party at The Sameheads with Neurosis orchestra, BlackBlackGold, xorzyzt and more will give you fog. Noise. Sweat. Unhealthy sex in dirty bathrooms. MDMAssacre. You will be purged.. that is what they claim, everything very weird, but definetely a change to the odd Watergate or Berghain party!

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