Larry Clark at C/O Berlin

Adolescent beauty, completely uninhibited sexuality, drugs and violence – this is what Larry Clark’s pictures deal with. With his work he revolutionized photo journalism: No other photographer before him has shown reality in a more drastic and realistic way. As opposed to the classical, neutral, matter-of-fact photo-journalist, Larry Clark himself is also part of the scene he photographs. And you also feel that he has a familiarity with the persons he portrays rather than just observing them.

With his pictures, Larry Clark not only criticizes predominat moral standards, he also creates a new, unconventional form of beauty. Even though we somehow got used to this aesthetic, everything that we see in publications such as VICE would be unthinkable without Larry Clark.

Right now, there is an exhibition running at C/O Berlin that features some of Larry Clark’s most important pictures. Check out a small preview after the jump.


Photos: Courtesy of Larry Clark . Luhring Augustine, New York . Simon Lee Gallery, London. 1) Untitled, 1972. 2) Jack & Lynn Johnson, Oklahoma City, 1973. 3) Untitled, 1979. 4) Dead 1970, 1968. 5) Jonathan Velasquez, 2004. 6) Jonathan Velasquez, 2004.

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