10 Great Songs about Berlin

There are songs about more or less any mayor city in the world: „New York, New York“, „London Calling“ or Scott McKenzie’s „San Francisco“ are some of them. Naturally, there are also numerous songs about Berlin. Here is a selection of 10 great songs about Berlin . More after the jump.

So here is our choice of our top 10 Berlin songs, in a chronological order:

Kurt Weill „Berlin im Licht“ (1928)

As the composer of Brecht’s „Three Penny Opera“ and „Mahagonny“, Kurt Weill became famous all over the world. Apart from that, his music is rather unknown, which is a real pity, as this great Charleston from the Roaring Twenties shows.

Marlene Dietrich „Ich hab noch einen Koffer in Berlin“ (1960)

Born in Berlin in 1901, Marlene Dietrich became one of the most important movie stars of the Weimar Republic. She went to Hollywood to become one of the greatest divas of all time, and when the Nazis took over in Germany, she decided not to become Goebbel’s bitch. She never moved back to Berlin. You really can feel her homesickness and nostalgia in this song.

Ton Steine Scherben „Rauch Haus Song“ (1972)

This is a song from a time when Kreuzberg used to be the centre of left-wing and alternative culture in Germany. Today, it is still the most interesting district in Berlin. However, the atmosphere is changing, as anyone can confirm who has been looking for an apartment in the last months.

Ideal „Wir stehn auf Berlin“ (1980)

„Hertie Punk“ – that is how Martin Kippenberger described the music of Annette Humpe. And he was not entirely wrong about that. Anyhow, „Wir stehn auf Berlin“ is real classic.

Seeed “Dickes B” (2001)

This is maybe the first thing everybody thinks about when it comes to songs about Berlin. So it is almost too much of a clichée. But how can you not love Seeed?

Ellen Allien „Stadtkind“ (2001)

Ellen Allien is a veteran of Berlin’s techno scene. Even though her DJ sets have become quite a challenge, her song „Stadtkind“ remains to be an all time favourite.

Sido „Mein Block“ (2005)

I admit: Today Sido’s music is unbearable and as a frequent talk show guest, he has become  really embarrassing. But his early songs such as “Fuffies im Club” and “Mein Block” are just terrific.

Piratenbraut “12345und20” (2008)

OK, this is not really a song about Berlin, it is a song about one of Berlin’s most interesting clubs. Whatever. Watching this video now is rather awkward, as everything you see has now vanished and been replaced by a construction zone.

Christiane Rösinger „Berlin“ (2010)

There is not much to say about this song. You just can’t describe Berlin any better in 3 minutes and 15 seconds.

Kraftklub „Ich will nicht nach Berlin“ (2011)

Of course the Berlin hype of the past years has caused resistance. One example are the anti-Berlin songs that came up recently. Kraftklub’s „Ich will nicht nach Berlin“ is the best one of them.

What are your favourite Berlin songs? Send us a comment!

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