Listening to music with Skinnerbox

photo: Gabriel Asper

Among all of Berlin’s electronic music artists, there is no one quite like Skinnerbox. During their improvised live performances, you can feel how the Berlin-based DJ and producer duo enjoys experimenting and pushing the boundaries of electronic music. At the same time, it is a kind of music that is just perfect for the dancefloor.

In our interview with Skinnerbox, we have talked about music by Acid Pauli, Santigold, Stevie Wonder and Ricardo Villalobos. More after the jump.

Acid Pauli & Nancy – iBang

If there is anyone in the world of which we are able to tolerate this kind of remixes/bootlegs, it is Acid Pauli. It is probably also a good time to mention that he is by far our favorite DJ of all times.

We can clearly recall a very special gig in Zurich around 2009: Acid Pauli was playing right after us, and in the middle of his driving set he stopped everything and played the whole 15 min of Ravel’s Bolero. It was amazing to see how at a certain point the crowed got really pissed, but he didn´t give a damn, he was just doing his thing.

Stevie Wonder – Isn’t she lovely

This is probably the crappiest Stevie Wonder song ever, or maybe the second crappiest after Happy Birthday. And we are big Stevie fans!! Nevertheless it is hard not to smile while he comes up with the harmonica solo 🙂

Stevie is one of our idols, merely because incorporating some serious analog funkiness in to the Motown world and some seriously genius song writing. The album Songs in the key of life is a milestone and should not be missed by anyone who even in/pre-tends to make music with soul.

Santigold – Disparate Youth

Not much to say, yet another fantastic pop production with the unmistakable voice of Santi… We love her.

Ricardo Villalobos – Enfants

Man, it must be fun to be Villalobos. It is very tempting to call it the best DJ tool ever, but it is actually much more, it is a minimal repetitive lesson about patience and listening.

Skinnerbox – Slowest Set Ever

Well, like all good things in life this one took place in front of 50 people, most of them friends. We were playing a gig the night before somewhere in Germany, and got a spontaneous invitation to play at an unofficial after-hour of our dear beloved Bachstelzen friends. Of course we said yes! On the train back to Berlin we had this idea of playing a really really slow set, and so we did. We remember that everybody yelled at us “Macht mal schnellaaaa” 😉 The rest is history!

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