I Heart Bikes

In cities such as Berlin and Buenos Aires the best way to get around town is by bike. I love biking! Especially in Spring and Summer this is so much better then going by subway (long waits for the train) or car (endless search for a parking space). Here in Berlin most points of interest are so easy to reach by bike,  the streets are not so steep and the traffic is relatively safe.

In Buenos Aires it’s almost the same, you only have longer distances, which is one disadvantage of bikes. If you go for more than 20 minutes you might arrive a little sweaty. That’s why I find the idea of an electrical bike incredibly practical. smart has developed such a bike and with their Facebook App I LIKE EBIKE you can get the chance to win their brand new smart ebike. With it you can easily take longer trips, for instance to Teufelsberg, Spreewald or the nearby lakes of Berlin. And in Buenos Aires I would be able to go from San Telmo to Palermo without being completely breathless when I arrive. Find out how to win the bike after the jump along with some impressions of bikes in Berlin and Buenos Aires.

This blue beach cruiser is my constant vehicle in Buenos Aires in the summer time. In the short time I have been there I must have driven more miles than I would in a year in Berlin thanks to the sheer size of Buenos Aires. An ebike with electrical support of the pedaling as it is produced for instance by smart would have made those long distances easier, especially if it’s really warm and you don’t have so much energy to spare yourself.

To get a chance to win the brand new smart ebike you should check out the I LIKE EBIKE App on Facebook. It let’s you upload and share photos of your own special bike experiences.

For an explanation of how an ebike or pedelec actually works have a look at this video. The video also has English subtitles for those segments spoken in German. Just click the CC button to activate them.

Apart from the ebike idea I also love the fact that bikes are getting more and more products of fashion and design. I love when a bike has character and somehow reflects the taste of its owner just like an accessory does. This model below for instance that I found in the streets of Villa Crespo in Buenos Aires I imagine to be the perfect bike for Bernhard Willhelm… 😉

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