Films under the Starlit Sky

The sun is burning down, there’s no clouds in sight and if you’re lucky you spend the day near the lake, in the park or at the pool. It usually seems a great idea to end a lazy summer’s day with a movie, but no-one really wants to go to a cinema venue with four walls and a roof. Open Air Cinemas are clearly the better option. Ideally a cinema underneath the stars and in the worst-case a cinema with an interruption due to rain, but hey: Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Around the corner from my house there’s Freiluftkino Kreuzberg. In the courtyard of Kunstquartier Bethanien they set up a massive screen, a decent projector and hundreds of deckchairs. Every night one film from their really great selection is shown, beginning at dusk. It’s a great chance to catch those films of the past few months on the big screen again.

So for all you Open Air cineasts out there: a couple of recommendations for the next weeks.

Wednesday, 20.6, 21:45

Carnage (D: Roman Polanski, F/D/Pol 2011)

Polanskis adaptation of Yasmina Resas theatre piece lead to loads of discussions about the two mediums, but also to a great success at the box-office. It’s probably even stranger watching the four great actors (Kate Winslet, Jodie Foster, Christoph Waltz, John C. Reilly) somehow not being able to leave the one couples flat underneath the stars.

Saturday, 23.6, 21:45

The Artist (D: Michel Hazanavicius, F 2011)

What is there left to say about this film. Five Oscars, three Golden Globes and a hymn of praise in almost every feuilleton. Certainly the most successful silent film since The Jazz Singer.

Friday, 29.6, 21:45

Melancholia (D: Lars von Trier, DK/SEK/F/D 2011)

I imagine Lars von Triers impressive shots to be quite threatening open air. When the world is about to collapse and Justine (Kirsten Dunst) falls deeper and deeper into her depression, the scenery of a bright and starlit sky will certainly gain new connotation. In my opinion the second half of this film is much less interesting compared to the first, but who know it might be raining by then anyways…

Saturday, 30.6, 21:45

Barbara (D: Christian Petzold, D 2011)

Another Highlight from the first half of 2012. Christian Petzholds drama was a success with the audiences and Nina Hoss was again celebrated for her stunning performance. A sad, thought provoking and beautiful film.

You can check out the complete programme here. Tickets are € 6,50 and the doors open 30 minutes before the screenings.

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