Listening to music with Turmspringer

Turmspringer are one of the important acts of Berlin’s underground Techno and House scene. Although they are regularly playing in several big clubs in Europe, they never missed to come back to their mother’s kitchen to please Berlin’s spoiled and electrifying audience. Here they still attend one-of-a-kind industrial backyard parties and Berlin’s most wanted after-hours.

However, electronic music is not all Robert Galic (alias Edgar Peng aka RAS) and Tim Brüggemann (alias Didier de la Boutique) care about. In fact, both are interested in a great variety of music, and they are deeply rooted in Funk & Soul, Jazz and Afro Beat.

In our interview with Robert from Turmspringer we have talked about music by David Bowie, M.I.A., Foremost Poets, Marvin Gaye and One Hand.

David Bowie – Lady Stardust

David Bowie is huge, he is a hero of the Rock n’ Roll history. He has written an infinite number of good, beautiful songs that have touched me. I have to admit though that I was a little scared of him when I was a little boy in the 1970s and 1980s, because he was such a strange figure. With his androgynous and polarising appearance, he always criticised the predominant values of our society, and this alone makes him a hero.

His music is also fantastic. During the period in which he has written Lady Stardust, David Bowie has composed his best works in point of view. After all, he is a very good example of how to work against the mainstream, of how to be revolutionary and anarchistic while being loved and appreciated by the masses at the same time.

M.I.A. feat. Diplo – Tell me why

M.I.A. is an interesting musician, who not only brings together various musical genres, but also various music cultures. She is a typical representative of the multicultural society, and she knows how to express that in her art form.

I like her message, and the music is produced really well. However, some of her tracks are too uneasy in my point of view, they make me nervous. Additionally, her music seems to depend on the industry and its marketing. The video for Bad girl for instance has been sponsored heavily by BMW, and that’s why you see BMW limos racing through the desert. Why does she have to do things like that? TELL ME WHY, M.I.A.!

Foremost Poets – Moonraker (magik js back to my house remix)

This is a kind of house music that I do not like at all: It is cheap, shallow, unsophisticated and not sexy. You can produce music like this pretty fast, you consume it fast – and it also will be forgotten fast. Value: 1/1000 of 3,99 Euro for the CD “House Samples for Beginners”.

Marvin Gaye – Grapevine

Marvin Gaye is one of the most important soul musicians of all time. However, I am somehow oversaturated by a song like Grapevine. I just have heard it too often, and it was played too often on the radio and in commercials. Fortunately, Marvin Gaye has written many more great songs.

One Hand (aka Darlyn Vlys & AFFKT) – Kunf (Original Mix)

Music like this is played quite often in clubs nowadays. It is called “tech-house”, and it is a mixture of house and techno. Naturally, there is good and there is bad tech-house music. This track rather sounds like bad tech-house. If any, I suppose this is a track that you can just download somewhere in the WWW…

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