Great bands from Berlin

photo: Melissa Hostetler

In the past decade, Berlin developed into a European music mecca. Artists from all over Germany and the world moved here because of the inexpensive living costs and the unique artistic atmosphere. But apart from electronic music, what actually are the best bands from Berlin? I set up a very subjective list with my favourite four. More after the jump.

Some bands you just have to see live. Bonaparte certainly is one of them. When this crazy hedonistic circus on speed hits the stage, every audience goes crazy within seconds. Their next concert in their hometown is at the Berlin Festival. I am definitely not going to miss it! If you want to know more about Bonaparte, check out our interview.

photo: Melissa Hostetler

Sascha Ring started as a Techno musician. With his band Apparat, he more and more expanded his musical horizon. With their latest album The Devil’s Walk they ventured into new musical territory where prominent vocals, live instruments, heavenly melodies and lulling diminuendos create an epic sound experience.

photo: Constantin Falk

There is one thing I do not get about this band: Why are they not world famous? Just look at all those boring and stupid mainstream artists – if there is one band that deserves fame, a lifelong supply of groupies, a selection of sport cars, villas in Malibou and bathtubs filled with champagne, it is Super700.

If you think that M.I.A. is too much mainstream, then you should check out this band from Berlin. Jahcoozi is a multinational trio consisting of London-born Sri Lankan front woman Sasha Perera and two beat-freak producers/multi-instrumentalists: Teuton Robot Koch and Tel-Aviv born Oren Gerlitz. Personally, what I think of first when it comes to Jahcoozi are their energetic live performances at some Bachstelzen parties and at venues such as Bar 25 and Wilde Renate. For more information about the band, check out our interview.

photo: Michael Mann

What are your favourite bands from Berlin? Send me a comment!

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