Lavanderia Vecchia – Newkölln Adventures

I have no problems with Neukölln. I don’t think that it is dangerous, I don’t have any problems with the people living there (hipsters included) and I have no envy at all towards people paying so much less rent than I do. Still I am not a Newkölln enthusiast. Something makes me nervous there. Which is a pity, because they have one restaurant I would kill to have in Mitte, Kreuzberg or Friedrichshain.  The Lavanderia Vecchia (ital. the old laundry) is an amazing place with amazing food. And during the day for lunch time the prices are amazing too. In the evening they just serve full course menus for a fixed price of 58 EUR (drinks included). Certainly more of an option for special occassions. The social engagement of the restaurant is quite impressive. Once a month they serve extra cheap food to unemployd and homeless people.  Check out some impressions and the address after the jump.

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Lavanderia Vecchia

Flughafenstr. 46, 2. Hof, Fabrik

12053 Berlin

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