Antaris Open Air – Laugh and Dance

Namaste! An amazing 4 day long open air and an alternative to Melt is the Antaris. Alternative is the best word to describe this gathering between Berlin and Hamburg that attracts people from all over the world and is one of the best festivals if not the best of its kind. The Antaris turns 18 years old this year, deriving from the Indian Goa scene, it was brought to Europe in the heydey of Goa Trance Music. Read more after the jump.

The music has changed a bit, so called Progressive Music is the leading sound at nowadays Goa festivals. Goa music is not everybody’s pair of shoes and it is a huge difference to the festivals we know. But if you ever enjoyed the atmosphere when the main floor opens at night with all the lights and decoration or the goose bumps when the sun comes out on an afternoon and the dancing crowed starts laughing and screaming or the moment you crawl out of your tent and watch the crowd start to get alive in the morning, you will never want to go anywhere else. You can purchase tickets here. It is allowed to bring food and drinks and there is a shuttle going from either Berlin or Hamburg.

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