My new best friend: Nelly Furtado

Having a best girl friend is always tricky. At first they share all their dirty secrets with you and then, once you like them so much or even try to adapt your non existing menstruation cycle to them they leave you for a cool job in Hamburg, a sexy boyfriend or their gay yoga-buddy at Soho House (worst nightmare). In my experience trusting a girl is as good as trusting the devil. It is a lot of fun but you might end up in hell (yes, the place you get if you take the elevator down at Soho House) ;-). But now I found a new best friend, better than any other girl I have ever met: Nelly Furtado. I met her last week and as I would say if I were American; We are total BFFs!

Nelly Furtado gave an exclusive concert on the rooftop of Weekend and I had the chance to talk to her for a couple of minutes. I must say that I never really believed in mainstream popstars. I always thought that nobody of them could actually sing. But Nelly not only sang like a bird but she also performed like a lion and made us all shout for more. She just brought herself and a guittar-player on stage,  which was a really down to earth. She was really enjoying to perform for us 100 people and I had so much fun listening to all her most famous singles in such a cool way. Nelly, you got yourself a new fan for sure and I got myself a new best friend. More impressions of the concert after the jump.

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