The Weekend Party Guide

UhOh The Band

It’s Melt Festival Weekend and as every year it seems that half of Berlin’s party folks is hanging out there. Of course that is not true, but the clubs are surely a bit less busy. Nonetheless there are plenty of parties worth going. Where they are, after the jump:


Blitz party for all genders and gays and synths and and, Horst Kreuzberg with Voin, Sarah Adorable, Sotiris and more!

Another festival, between Berlin and Hamburg, is the Antaris Project, a Trance festival, very alternative, something completely different to Melt, but nonetheless really really nice. Keeps going until Sunday!


Several clubs and labels found together for the meanwhile third time and rented a couple of boats to make a boat tour on the Spree during the day, called Berlin Beats and Boats. After the boat tour including Vakant, Highgrade and D.Edge from brasil there is a big after party at Rummelsburger Bucht!

Katermarkt at 3 pm, like a hangovered flea market and Sasomo with Andhim, Fabiano + Gunnar, John Heckle, Cem Orlow and more from 11pm at Kater Holzig!

Uh Oh The Band who just released a new video are playing at GoGo at Flamingo Club in Mitte. Be prepared for vocalist Nina’s endless outfit changings – amazing!

Sysiphos meets Gutterslut at Sysiphos in Rummelsburg, where the trandvestites will have to go far ot of their usual playground, like traveling. Alland Byallo is playing and The Sorry entertainers and more, surely a funny thing!

Gabom Boys and Girls at Club Gretchen between Hallesches Tor and Mehringdamm with Traxx, Dirk Leyers, Jonzon (Ufo/Planet/E-Werk/D), Nomad and more!

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