Yesterday started as a pretty regular Monday, but then it turned into a day I won’t forget for quite some time.

Thinking about which films to write up this week I decided to hit the gym before making a decision. But instead of back to the desk it was off to the hospital, because one of my discs just didn’t like the Yoga class. I have never been in such pain and it took more than one drug cocktail until I could face the way home. My friend Stefanie (THANK YOU!!) had to pretty much carry me home and tuck me into bed, my back hurt that bad.

Thus unfortunately I’m not really capable of a proper post, but still wanted to briefly let you know about two films I saw last week…

2 Days in New York (D: Julie Delpy, FR/DE/ BE 2012)

French artist Marion (Julie Delpy) lives in New York with her boyfriend Mingus (Chris Rock). Their relationship is put to the test when Marions family comes for a visit from Paris. The family is as French as it gets if you think in stereotypes. Marions father is a typical anti-capitalist and scratches expensive cars with his keys. Her sister walks around naked in the apartment and hits on pretty much every man she meets and the sisters new boyfriend is Marions Ex, smokes pot in the elevator and makes sexually explicit jokes on every occasion. Chris Rock is funny and Julie Delpy is very bubbly and witty (also very French), but overall the film just seems to be overloaded. Each scene has a cute new idea – like when Marion first sells her soul and then wants it back from buyer Vincent Gallo – but instead of using them all, Deply should have just saved the other for her next film. Because sometimes less actually is more.

Wanderlust (D: David Wain, USA 2012)

Linda (Jennifer Aniston) and George (Paul Rudd) live in New York City, but are forced to leave their home when they both loose their jobs. In a commune called Elysium they have one fantastic night and decide to stay for two weeks. Although George is the one more convinced at the beginning, Linda quickly becomes more adjourned to the new lifestyle of vegan food, no technology and free love. Wanderlust is a typical Rom Com with all elements and plot points. It’s entertaining and even funny in some parts, but in general it’s one of those movies you can watch whenever all you really want to do is switch off your brain, as I did after returning from the Melt! Festival.

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