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I don’t know if I am the only one this happens to, but when I am at home and have time on my hands I just cannot seem to think of a good film to watch. So I asked around and friends recommended old and new, trash and art house, comedies and drama. Plenty of films to choose from, but I somehow got stuck on something else…

Knowing I would be in bed with this slipped disc for a while longer I started watching The Wire, another recommendation (Thanks Max). I had heard about the TV show plenty of times before and most people said: „The Wire is your favourite TV Show! You just don’t know it yet!“ HBO hosted the show from 2000 to 2008 and there is a total of 60 episodes, each 60 minutes long. So you need plenty of time to get through it all. I am almost done with the first series and am already hooked.

The Wire is set in Baltimore and shows police and drug dealers from every rank working with and against each other. James McNulty (Dominic West) is the main character and works in a special unit trying to catch Avon Barksdale, drug magnet of the city. The characters, and this is surprisingly not only the success driven cops, but also the various „criminals“, are already so well developed I cannot wait to follow them another 4 series As is to be expected of a TV-series aiming to realistically depict the drug scene, there is plenty of cursing, racism, sexism, violence and dark humor.

If this series is not for you don’t need to worry, there’s plenty of other fantastic TV series. For example the Emmy winning comedy show 30 Rock created by comedian Tina Fey. In the series she plays Liz Lemon who produces the comedy show TGS and has plenty to do while seeing to her crazy actors, weird writers and strange boss’ (Alec Baldwin) needs. I throw in an episode of 30 Rock here and there to clear my head from The Wire and because they are so very different, they seem to match quite well.

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