Introducing: Her Voice Over Boys – Win tickets for Kater Holzig

photo: Stephan Flad

At this year’s MELT festival I made a wonderful discovery. Saturday night at the Sleepless Floor, there was an act that almost nobody in the audience had ever heard of before. At first, people were a little skeptical about the newcomer on the stage: What is an actual live band that nobody knows doing here at prime time? But then the performance became one of those magical experiences at festivals when just everything falls into place. In the end, the whole audience was enchanted. Everyone knew they had experienced something extraordinary. And everyone kept asking: “What is the name of the band? What are they called again? Do you have the line-up to look it up?”

The name of the band is Her Voice Over Boys, they are the latest signing on Oliver Koletzki’s label Stil vor Talent. The music of Her Voice Over Boys is deeply romantic, it consists of dreamy melodies, heartfelt vocals, accessible bass lines and club-ready beats. This Sunday they are playing their Berlin debut at Kater Holzig. Their performance starts at 1 am.

Check out the music after the jump and take your chance to win 2 guestlist places.

Unfortunately there are only snippets of Her Voice Over Boys’ music available at the moment (their first EP will be released in September).

To win a guest list place please comment on this article with a valid email address and tell us your favourite song for this summer. The raffle ends on Saturday, July 28, at 15h.

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