Serie/ous Addiction: The British

While everyone is abuzz about the new Miu Miu campaign video starring Chloe Sevigny I can’t help but wonder how many of those fashion enthusiast and Chloe fans actually know about her recent leading role in the scandalous British tv series Hit & Miss. In this new show the hipster icon plays a pre-op transsexual who also happens to be an assassin and who also happens to get caught up in the affairs of a white trash family. It’s quite the story and this being NOT an American productions it’s far from being sentimental and predictable.

After the jump you can see the trailer along with some other British series gems that I would like to recommend. After all there is more than HBO and co…

The Deep

The Deep was a one-season mini series of 5 episodes starring Minni Driver that was broadcast on BBC One in 2010. It’s actually the most suspenseful show that I’ve seen since The X Files. It’s about a group of deep water scientists getting lost in their little submarine.

Dead Boss

This dark and silly little British comedy show is co-starring AbFab’s Jennifer Saunders who is actually not even that remarkable in the show due to her limiting role. But the super trashy widow of the Dead Boss is an absolute delight. The show is about some bitch who got convicted of killing her boss. She didn’t really do it, but no-one’s helping her to get out of prison.

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