The Accessory Diaries: AN!MAL

This week I interviewed designer/stylist Kalina Gospodinova. The hype is certainly building around her accessories label AN!MAL – rich in texture, dark in vibe. The layered, leather pieces tasselled up a stir over Berlin Fashion Week with an artfully dark fashion film directed by Emilio El-Lauren that was presented at the projektGalerie Pop-Up Shop. Featuring flashes of grappling leather clad girls to a persistent drumming beat you can certainly see the designer’s styling background come out to play and it’s all very animalistic… Enjoy the video and read my interview after the jump.

Where are you from?

I was born in Bulgaria and live since 1995 in Berlin

What are you doing and how do you support yourself?

Through my work as a designer & stylist.

photos: Dorothea Tuch

Where can we find you?

In my studio at Bornholmer Str. 90 in Berlin. You can see my work on and on Facebook.

What is Berlin’s appeal?

Berlin has the spirit and the creative force of an international metropolis and the pace of a small-town.

Do you think its easier to support yourself as a designer here?

…I don’t really think about this at all.

Berlin, poor? Sexy?

Berlin’s economy may not be the richest city in the world, but poverty is really something else. Mental poverty is bad and not really sexy, but that no one can say about Berlin.



Friends, family & my dog, music and dance, primitive and archaic art.


Everything that degrades people; envy, greed, jealousy.

Interview: Millicent Nobis


Millicent Nobis is a graduate fashion designer from Sydney, Australia, who now lives in Berlin running her own jewellery label Mies Nobis. You can follow her explorations of the Berlin fashion and art scene on her blog Mies in Berlin. For Milli has interviewed 6 accessory designers from all over the world about their life in Berlin.

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