The Weekend Party Guide

Nicolas Jaar

The festival season has just started and as soon as it came over us, it is almost about to end. This weekend has two big ones, the Dockville in Hamburg and the SonneMondundSterne in Sachsen – Anhalt. Berlin might be a bit calmer than usual, nonetheless we fumbled us through the party jungle and offer you here what we think might be the good ones.


Starting with Comme Ci Comme Ca at Chalet with genius Brandt Bauer Frick, hypertrendy Hrdvsion and more, I would go if I could!


Catz on Acid with legend A Guy Called Gerald, Alienata, Arttu (live) and Schoppen Wittes at Kater Holzig!

After the Bodi Bill Book Launch ( yes ) there is a live dj set by Thomalla, 23.00 Heidestr. 5!


Void at Backyard is back with Void Bodyfest 2012, a pumped-up line-up of hard-working house, techno, and EBM. Body from the US are here to get sweaty with their mix of acid, techno, and weird-rave, joined by the Body II Body boys who are back from Rotterdam for another house workout, and two incognito local heavyweights Body Solid & N_E_Body! Gitschinerstr. 22, U Prinzenstr., 4 before midnight, 6 after. Pictures here!

Drink kid drink out of the Fountain of Youth, but don’t be fooled, it won’t keep you young, no. Wilde Renate with Roman Flügel, Evan Baggs, Ed Davenport and Fresh Meat. Wodka Fountain and after hour with Funkenstrom and more!

5 years is the party with the smart name Fuck me now, love me later now. They celebrate this at Badeschiff with a line – up including Florian Meindl,  Unami live, Robosonic, Turmspringer and more, 10 Euro!

During daytime there is a meeting between Mühlenparallympics and Tenderpark with the Parallel Crew at the Griessmühle in Neukölln with Yannick Robyns, Daniela la Luz and more, starts at 12 lunchtime!


Renate Oben Ohne presents Nicolas Jaar live. Bringing down the whole wolf + lamb crew such as Soul Clap‘s Lonely Prince aka Charlie Baby Prince aka Gadi Mizrahi and Slow Hands, handsome little Nikki is going to put a spell on the girls as ususal in the Lustgarten. Afterparty inside with numerous djs. Feel like it’s 2010 again!

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