Berlin LIVE!

Imagine a silent and warm summer night in Berlin. You are sitting in a beautiful old place in the heart of the city, when music begins to play. The soft sound of violins sooth you before rhythmic horns seem to announce a royal entrance. Then the darkness is interrupted by rays of light that throw a black and white image of Berlin onto a silver screen. The music swells up and all of a sudden an entire orchestra is playing in perfect sync with the moving pictures of 1920s Berlins.

Doens’t that seem like a perfect Berlin film experience? UFA is staging just that this upcoming Thursday…

On Schinkelplatz right in Berlin Mitte UFA is hosting three silent film screenings with live music from August 16th through 18th.

They kick off with a double feature screening on August 16th of both Werner Ruttmann’s famous Berlin: Sinfonie der Großstadt from 1927 and Thomas Schadt’s „remake“ Berlin. Sinfonie einer Großstadt from 2000/2001. Both films will be accompanied live by the chamber orchestra of Potsdam.

On August 17th the Berlin Jazz Trio Trioglyzerin will accompany Joe May’s film Asphalt. A film in the tradition of „streetfilm“ showing scenes from the streets of Berlin.

Fritz Lang’s – more famous for his classic Metropolis – film Spys from 1927 will be screened on August 18th and accompanied by pianist Neil Brand.

Now all we have to hope for is good weather!

For more information on the films, musicians and to buy tickets visit

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