The Accessory Diaries: My Skin

Tanja Tikarli from My Skin Italy studied gaphic design but always loved accessories. A visit to her boyfriend’s family company (luxury leather goods craftsmen behind Italian ‘greats’ Balestra, Laura Biagiotti, Valentino, Lancetti to name-drop a few) sparked her creativity and luckily the boy was a willing accomplice. Together they have established their collection of hand crafted leather accessories with the skill of generations and a fresh design aesthetic. Read my interview with her here…

Where are you from?

I’m from Rome, to be honest from Ostia-Lido which is on the seaside of Rome.

What are you doing?

Me and my boyfriend are designing and producing leather accessories: cuffs, bags, necklaces….etc. and soon even a new entry category: sandals!

How do you support yourself?

I’m a graphic designer and my boyfriend is a representative of medical stuff.

Where can we find you?

On Facebook and here on our website

What is Berlin’s appeal?

Berlin is sparkling! All around are bubbles of creativity. Even if not always everything I see is at the end so cool, or so ingenious everybody tries, explores and creates.

Do you think its easier to support yourself as a designer here?

I don’t think is easier…  is just that here life is cheaper and you can afford a good style of life with a smaller budget. But as with everywhere, you need good money to invest if you want your business to grow. Just as with everywhere you need people with money to buy your product, so Berlin is not probably the richest city for that.

Berlin, poor? Sexy?

Berlin is sexy because it’s poor. It is the style everything that creates such a cool atmosphere. Abandoned places become amazing places for ‘open airs’ or club parties. Old pieces of furniture arranged together create a unique bar’s or house’s. Streets full with musicians and artists not asking for money, just wanting to share their talent with you….I love this city…


Going with my friends exploring undiscovered parts of Berlin, spending sunny days walking in the city just looking at what’s going on around me, when Monday comes and I go to my step dance class, but even more I like when I come out of my step dance class and I feel so light. I like cupcakes, I discovered that last week and I like when I discover new things. I like old cinemas, I love the noise of the camera. I like to go by bike without holding the handlebar – just a way to feel free!


People throwing garbage in the street, being forced to do stuff I don’t really want to do, finishing toilet paper in critical moments, when you are late in the morning coming from a club and the tube delays 30min, waking up at the time you should be already in the office, dealing with people who don’t want to listen, people who don’t like Brad Pitt and Nutella!

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