It’s too darn HOT!

It really is too hot for anything that I would normally recommend doing in this column. It’s too hot to be inside a cinema, it’s too hot to watch films at home, it’s even too hot to stay in and read this.

Still I didn’t want to let you down entirely, so here are a few little clips to cool everyone off and some longer masterpieces of moving pictures!

First of course the song that inspired the title: Ann Miller performing in Kiss Me Kate!

Now the promised refreshments:


I know this might not cool everyone down, but it’s certainly the perfect summer song and hey why not watch a bit of Baywatch this summer.

Sync or Swim (D: Cheryl Furjanic, US 2008)

The best thing to cool off is to jump into a cold pool! Most likely it won’t look as good as when these girls do it, but it’ll refresh just the same. This documentary gives insights on the training of the 2008 US Olympics Sync Swim Team and gives an idea of the drill that goes into this sport!

The Art of Flight (D: Curt Morgan, USA 2011)

For those who do actually want a full 80 minutes of cold to look at, this is my recommendation. The Art of Flight is a brilliant film on Snowboarding with exceptional pictures and outstanding athletes. You have to ignore the very obvious sponsoring helicopters and just enjoy the seemingly endless white mountains.

Hundstage (D: Ulrich Seidl, AT 2001)

Seidl always dives into the dark corners of society and this film is no exception. It won the grand prize of the Venice Film Festival with it’s very dark humor and fantastic performances. Hundstage connects six episodes from the Viennese suburbs in a few days of a mad heatwave. Hundstage is an currish and honest film, that manages to stage his protagonists in an empathetic way although they are difficult anti-heroes.

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