The Weekend Party Guide

The Touch

Thanks to all weather gods we are able to enjoy a wonderful summer in late August, still lounging in the summer hole, enjoying long days and short nights. What’s on this weekend after the jump:


The Gaslamp Killer is playing at Gretchen tonight his mixture of  Hip Hop, Horrorcore, and basically everything being called by himself instrumental psyched dirty beats!

Flamingo Royal tonight at Flamingo Club with champagne and cocktails and royal djane Julia Felicitas Leopoldine Friederike Franziska Prinzessin von Anhalt (Feli Disco) and Phil Luv!

Comme Ci Comme Ca, a Thursday night at new Chalet, former Heinz Minki. Sip a drink in the wild garden or dance with Hugo Capablanca and more, Schlesische Straße!

The Berliner desperately clings to his electronic minimal music though the rest of the world has been encountered by Dubstep since so long, it is almost over now -joking. of course it is not. if you like Dupstep try out About Blank tonight with Impulse Dubstep, Dubtek,  Robotic, DJ Mohak and more playing!


Sky Vodka Swap Market at cafe Moskau, come and swap clothes in Karl-Marx-Allee 34 starting at 21h and Bodi Bill DJing at the party at 23h!

Import / Export with Mykki Blanco live and Renaissance Man at Prince Charles Club, the Kreuzberg – Cookies from 23h, Moritzplatz!


The fact that a parade in Berlin doesn’t necessarily have to mean fun at all times but can also relate to serious matters shows in form of the Fuckparade that is gonna take place again this Saturday. The protest in form of a parade is mainly focused on a new kind of Berlin policy that started a few years after the wall came down but is only now showing with full force how a city with a special history and therefore special living conditions that attracts people from everywhere offering them a lively, highly creative culture being a gain to everybody ( not only to the so called subculture ) is being sold to too strong capitalist interests, traited by helpless or supporting politicians who are not able and not willing to protect what seems the city’s most important (social) value. Bunker, Eimer, Tacheles,  Köpi, Bethanien, Brunnenstraße 183,  Yaam, SO36, Knaack, Icon, Schokoladen, Tresor, Club der Republik, Insel der Jugend, Kunsthaus 54 and more are taking part in this protest / parade. You cannot prevent the sold out of Berlin but you can at least show that you are not careless from 3 pm at Mauerpark, a place also threatened by urban policies!

Klub Berlin is a night at Flamingo with two floors, the 1st floor featuring Indie Pop Electronic by King Kong Kicks and live: The Touch( Kitsuné ), the 2nd floor House music by Patrick Poitz & Sebastian Rudolph in Mitte’s cosy Monbijoupark, Hackescher Markt!

S&yM are celebrating their one year anniversary with a celebration at SüdBlock with an exclusive Djset by Olof Dreijer from The Knife, Kate Boss from Shade INC, Lary & Yong from the Cream Cake party girls and Martin Decadence from CCCP Bar. Also playing Twing Gemz from NYC, Yola Fatush from UK and Berlin based Australian Rodeo. SüdBlock, Admiral Str. 1-2!

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