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Collien Ulmen-Fernandes

Mr. Max Factor, the original make-up artist to the stars, created the looks for such luminous Hollywood faces such as Bette Davis, Ava Gardne and Jean Harlow. He opened a studio in Hollywood where the stars could come by and have their ‘look’ individually tailored to their faces. Did you know Lucille Ball was not a natural red head? The color and the makeup to match were developed for her by Mr. Factor! This practice of personalizing the look grew into the first make-up for the non-stars or ‘society make-up’ with such must haves as ‘flexible grease paint’ for the face (lovely), the first portable lip balm pots (looking like little tins of shoe polish) and of course Max Factor’s renowned mascara wand, the first of its kind – just trying to imagine life without mascara – makes my eyelashes shudder…

Anyway, the moral of the story is that evoking the spirit of the legendary Mr. Factor, The Max Factor team have ‘popped-up’ a Make-Up Studio on Alte Schönhauser Straße 48 in Berlin Mitte, where for the next three weeks their welcoming space and team of professionals is ready, waiting and devoted to helping us non-stars develop our own personal look or ‘develop the make-up artist within’ and purchase the associated Max Factor products in store. And of course to bring it all into today’s digital age there is a special iPad terminal to record your new look and share it immediately with your online fan’s (ahem, friends) to bring out the star in us all!! Read more about my first visit there and win 3 Max Factor packages after the jump.

For a little ‘pre launch’ blogger’s event the team brought in a real live star: the impossibly tiny and shiny Collien Ulmen-Fernandes who reveals the secret behind her sparkle for some likes/dislikes. She likes energy drinks, drinking up to 5 a day and the ‘Face Finity’ all day flawless foundation she’s wearing; a brand new all in one product only available in the store until its October launch. She dislikes most of the cab drivers in Berlin and the too skinny legs her grey suede Michalsky boots are supposedly hiding!

Max Factor had Germany’s make-up artist to the stars, Stephan Schmied who obviously lives, eats and breathes make-up (like all good make-up artists should really) because he likes mascara (“If you don’t wear anything, wear mascara!” – a man after Mr Max Factor’s own heart) and the ‘Natural Glaze’ beige crayon for lining your inner eyes to get that fresh ‘yes i got ten good hours of sleep’ look. He dislikes people using the wrong foundation; lines, flakiness, too dark, too light, too thick, or too heavy, the list goes on.

Stephan developed a special look just for Collien – ‘The Berlin Look’. It’s a smokey eye flick with a shimmer of purple, lashings of Eye Brightening mascara; a mascara flecked with coloured pigments to bring out the natural colour of your eyes; silver particle’s for brown eyes which sounds all very glamorous, balanced with natural lips courtesy of the ‘Flipstick’, a two toned lipstick that allows you to shimmer during the day then vamp up the colour at night – or vice versa, whatever’s your thing – ooh and ‘purple haze’ nails, i am so into ‘purple haze’ nails just now.

Max Factor’s lovely team then worked their magic on the rest of us and Stephan kindly adapted ‘The Berlin Look’ to my much fairer (I’m worried here because I’m not sure weather to say pun intended or not) face with impressive results, Mr. Max Factor (in spirit) has come a long way from Hollywood to Berlin, but I’m glad he’s paying us a visit…

Now you have the chance to win 3 packages with lovely products by Max Factor here on the blog. The packages each include:

1x Max Factor Colour Effect Flipstick

1x Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish

1x Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara

If you would like to win please “Like” this article, leave a comment below until September 12th 2012 and tell us what type of make-up you would never leave the house without. Good luck!

Max Factor Make-Up Artist to the stars: Stephan Schmied

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