The Kaleidoscope Collection

It was quite a clear result – the voting of your favorite designs of our kaleidoscopic scarf collection with Front Row Society has finished. I’m quite surprised by the outcome actually, the most voted design was the one with me voguing in front of a Madonna poster, haha! After the jump you can see the other 4 designs that will be produced and ship to stores worldwide very soon.

At our big 5th Birthday Party on September 29th at Naherholung Sternchen we will present the scarves in a big-ass installation and you will actually get the chance to win them.

This below is the front of the flyer of our 5th Birthday Party. The mouths are also taken from my party photos, so there is a chance that they are yours. So, do you recognize your lips?

You are of course all invited to the party! RSVP on facebook now!

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