Ready, Set, GO!

People love to compete and some would do anything to win. In movies people entering competition usually believe winning will change their life, but the way to success is long and rocky. This week I’ll take a look at what great films deal with various topics of racing toward a seemingly unreachable goal.

As I’m sure you’ve already heard and Mobile Kino are hosting the very first Berlin Film Night, a one-night screening film festival on the topic of Berlin. Next week we will show you a selection of films visually or through it’s narration related to our beautiful city. And we are still looking for films. More after the jump.

If you are a filmmaker or have filmmaker friends, please send us your films. One of the filmmakers will see his or her film on the big silver screen at Berlin’s Babylon cinema in Mitte later this year. Who knows, this might in fact change someone’s life! Check out our call for submissions and of course do come to the screening and let us know by clicking attend on our facebook event so we can prepare enough popcorn!

But now back to the original topic of competitions.
Here are a few films that are somehow concerned with people chasing their goal.

Little Miss Sunshine (D: Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, USA 2006)
Little Olive (Abigail Breslin) is a little clumsy and no model type, but she wants to compete in a beaty pageant so badly that her family gives into the little girls dream. With an old van Olive, her brother, parents and granddad embark on a hilarious road trip to the Pageant hotel. Little Miss Sunshine is funny, heart-warming and devastating at the same time. The clever film questions absurd specifics of the American society without ever patronizing. It’s a good feel film and little Olive plays herself into every viewers heart.

The Big Lebowski (D: Joel and Ethan Coen, USA 1998)

Bowling is everything in The Dudes (Jeff Bridges) Life and because he definitely wants to attend them he gets into all sorts of trouble. Really writing a few sentences about this masterpiece simply cannot do this early Coen-Brothers film justice, so I’m not going to try. Just watch it!

Cool Runnings (D: Jon Turteltaub, USA 1993)
This is one film from my youth I have almost entirely forgotten. The Jamaican bob team competes in the winter Olympics and their practicing, competing and entire behaviour in the cold is simply hilarious. What’s best is that the script is based on a true story and gets everybody rooting for the Jamaicans in the sled in the end.

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