The Weekend Party Guide

Berlin doesn’t get tired to create its numerous events, setting panic of not making it to this or that place, always on a hunt not to miss an act, a dj or a party. Probably out of confusion almost all end up at Berghain – not without complaining the next day. Read this guide carefully and perhaps see something else than only Panobar for 18 hours from the inside dude.


Future Days presents Dead Skeletons live at Kater Holzig. Dead Skeletons is a musical and visual art project from Iceland which is made up of Jon Saemunder Audarson, Henrik Bjornsson (Singapore Sling, Go-Go Darkness, Hank and Tank), and Ryan Carlson van Kriedt (Asteroid #4). Starts at 9 pm!

Miami Horror brain Ben is playing a dj gig at Flamingo tonight. Musicians as djs is a difficult thing usually. Let’s check if self mature Ben is getting along. If not, just get lost in his blue eyes, fair enough!


The wonderful Karin Park from Sweden plays at Berghain Kantine, a sort of Goth Electro . She is co-produced by C. Berg by the way, being ins response of acts such as The Knife, Fever Ray, Little Dragon and the like. Starts at 9, tickets here!

I just can’t stop including these Homopatik parties, I so wish I was male and gay, I would have the most joyeous nights. Or perhaps just the flyers and names are good and the rest is boring, go check it out yourself at Homopatik Feuerwehr Bomberos at ://about blank!

Iam no real fan of these Stil Vor Talent thingies I think, but our Jens loves it, so listen to Oliver, Channel X and my personal favourite Finnebassen! I heart Finnebassen remixes I have to say!

Then Tevo Howard is gonna play at Prince Charles tonight!


Stattnacht at Stattbad Wedding is on tonight with Fabrizio Maurizi, Thomas Schumacher, Sawlin (live) and Subjected, The exhibition Echoes of Voices in the High Towers by Robert Montgomery opens from 20:00 till 02:00 in the big pool!

No Regular Play are playing at Renate for Oben Unten Überall!


Sasomo on Sunday at Kater with Philip Bader, Niconé & Sascha Braemer, Re.You and Rampue (live)!

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