Listening to music with Niko Schwind

photo: Sebastian Pielles

In 2007 Niko Schwind moved to Berlin and quickly began spinning records in prestigious clubs such as Bar 25, Club der Visionäre and Watergate. Soon he was signed on Stil vor Talent, where he published his second album Good Morning Midnight two years ago. We talked to Niko Schwind about music by Chopstick and Johnjon, Wu Tang Clan, Alabama Shakes and Lail Arad. Check out the interview after the jump.

photo: Andrej Dallmann

Chopstick, Johnjon – Listen

Great track, I always enjoy playing it, and the dance floor enjoys it as well. I especially like the harmonies in the break and the vocals, which really open up your heart. To me this is one of the best songs of the summer!

Wu Tang Clan – Triumph

Spooky intro. I like this track, and it reminds me of old times… Bounced!! And I had to know immediately from which movie the intro comes from. I looked it up on, which is a great website for everyone who is interested in music. Personally, I like the 36 chambers album much better!

Alabama Shakes – Hold On

Wow! I have never heard about Alabama Shakes before. This music is really great, I would like to see them live. I had to listen to this song three times in a row, because I really like it, especially this dirty voice shakes you to the core. Great band! Thanks for the input!

Lail Arad – Everyone is Moving to Berlin

Moving to Berlin. I belong to those who moved to Berlin, and I would do it again immediatlly. This city is just awesome. The song is neat, but it is not my taste! But the video is interesting, the animation is funny, and I also like the Hulk hands..

Niko Schwind – Midnight

This is my very first video from my album “Good Morning Midnight”, which was released exactly one year ago. The video shoot with Björn Störig was really fun. For two days, I was walking through Rome with a pyjama, and I had many funny encounters, which we used for the video. Thank you, Björn!

That year, I spent a lot of time in the studio working on my sound. Recently, my EP “We are the future” was released on Stil vor Talent, and I just began working on the production of the new album..

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