Berlin Film Night

At 9 pm the lights went out at Naherholung Sternchen last Saturday Night. It was finally time to show the films Mobile Kino’s Joshua and I had selected for the Berlin Film Night, to the public. It was a great little program with a good mix of genres and topics. We screened music videos, fashion films, animation and narrative films and I think most of the audience quite enjoyed the first ever Berlin Film Night. The best part was that the combination of films gave a great summary of Berlin!

For all those who didn’t make it on Saturday or joined only later for the party, here are some of my favourites from the screening!

Also I want to take the opportunity and thank all of you who submitted or worked on one of the submitted films (screened or not) for your work. Of course a Berlin Film Night would not have been possible without your trust in us. So thank you for submitting your films and allowing us to screen them!

Fun Fun Fun (D: Shinichi Hirai)

A beautiful and carefully animated music video for Japanese musician Spencer.

Berlin Block Tetris (D: Sergej Hein)

Probably the most fun film ever made with housing blocks.

Little Big Berlin (D: Pillepop)

Close observations show the life in Berlin. Some scenes are funny, some sad, some strange others ordinary. I like that I wasn’t sure if it was reality or a miniature world when I first started watching it.

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