Listening to music with Wintersleep

photo: Scott Munn

Wintersleep is an Indie rock band form Canada. Their sound can be described as a mixture of The Editors and R.E.M. Just recently, they published their latest album Hello Hum. In our interview with singer Paul Murphy, we talked about music by Animal Collective, The Editors, Sonic Youth and Fugazi. More after the jump.

Animal Collective – Purple Bottle

I bought this record for my brother for Christmas one year, and ended up stealing both of them for the week between Christmas and New Years Eve. Evil. Amazing records. Really like the drumming on this song in particular. There is that really dope heavy one note part in this song that starts around the 4:00 mark that steals the show… Trippy.

Editors – Papillon

This band brought us on our first proper Europe tour. I remember we opened a show in Brussels I think, and there were about 8000 people. There was a guy from the venue on the side of the stage whose job it was to turn on these huge flames if the Editors were so inclined to need the flames at any point. I think they saved the flame show until this song. Quite insane.

Sonic Youth – Superstar

I think I was in grade 10 when I first heard this rendition of this song. Amazing Amazing Amazing.

Fugazi – Bad Mouth

Never heard this song before. Really love their record End Hits, and that documentary Instrument, but never dug too far into their back catalogue. Thanks for introducing me to it!

Wintersleep – Weighty Ghost

I wrote the guitar part and the melody first and called Loel while I was waiting to show him it, as it was a pretty weird song for us at the time. He sorta laughed and said it reminded him of Tom Petty or something, to which I asked “That a good thing?”, To which he replied “What? To sound like Tom Petty? Of course!” Which made me laugh and start thinking about lyrics. I was probably not the greatest company on the drive home, humming a strange melody and writing words frantically (sorry mom), but 3 hours after the lyrics were pretty much ready to roll… Probably the most mobile song we’ve ever written in a way.

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