A Closed Society – Photography in the GDR

photo: Sven Marquardt, 1986

A Shuttered Society – Photography in the GDR was an exhibition about artistic photography in the GDR that took place at Berlinische Galerie in 2012. The exhibition dealt with the photographic currents and the relation to media in this period and it was the first extensive showcase of the artistic work from photographers from the GDR. There was a series of photographs that showed the development of photography and also told about the everyday life in the GDR. The exhibition was divided into three parts: the socially engaged photography that was interested in a representation of reality, the artistic photography which emphasized on an artistic expression, and the photography of the young artists who underlined their bodies and their perception and parted from the traditions of the older generation. Enjoy a look back at some of the highlights after the jump.

Erasmus Schröter, Frau in Rot, Leipzig 1985

Florian Merkel, Mann mit Frosch, 1987

Matthias Leupold, Im Kino / Teil II, Berlin 1983

Jens Rötzsch, Berlin (Ost) 1989 – Pfingsttreffen der FDJ – Stadion der Weltjugend

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