A Trailer Feast

I think I mentioned my obsession with trailers before. I just love watching those little movie snippets. If they are good they manage to evoke emotions and get people out of bed into the cinema. If they are bad, they can ruin the film before it starts, because they give away the twists and turns, best jokes or the ending. But especially on hungover days or days I worked all day, my attention span seems to be limited to the standard trailer duration of around 2 minutes. So I spend entire evenings in front of the computer without watching one whole film, but instead watching plenty of trailers. Here are some that I recently came across and thought were great! Hopefully the films to follow will not diappoint…

Keep the Lights On (D: Ira Sachs, USA 2012)

This seems amazing, heartfelt and complex. The fact that they use Arthur Russell Music in the trailer would have been enough to convince me, but the images and narrative did as well!

Diana Vreeland – The Eye Has To Travel (D: Vreeland, Perlmutt, Tcheng, USA 2011)

„I wasn’t a fashion editor, I was the only fashion editor!“ Once you hear that line you’ll surely want to know everything about Diana Vreeland. I’m certainly intrigued and can’t wait for it to hit the cinemas.

The Sessions (D: Ben Lewin, USA 2012)

It’s a Hollywood Film and somewhat a Hollywood topic, but I think it’ll be entertaining and maybe ask some questions Hollywood doesn’t usually.

Oh Boy (D: Jan Ole Gerster, D 2012)

Watching the trailer I laughed out loud multiple times („Soymilk? Please No!“) Ironic, sharp and entirely in black and white, this film just has to be fantastic. I’m looking forward to it!

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