The Opéra – Magazine for Classic & Contemporary Nude Photography

The title might be misleading, but The Opéra magazine is actually dedicated to the beautiful art of nude photography, both in the classic and contemporary style. More than 20 international photographers have contributed to the first issue, available now online and in selected magazine shops. Berlin-based photographers René Fietzeck, Cynthia Berger, Jo Schwab and Madame Peripetie are also included in the magazine. Enjoy a preview after the jump.

The first volume of The Opéra features photographs by Barron Claiborne, Bart Hess, Bear Kirkpatrick, Christian Coigny, Christian Kettiger, Christian Witkin, Cynthia Berger, David Bellemere, David Lindsey Wade, David Spaeth, Elene Usdin, Eric Marrian, Imogen Cunningham, Jo Schwab, Joachim Baldauf, Jonathan Narducci, Kim Joon, Kirchknopf + Grambow, Jürgen Klauke, Madame Peripetie, Marc van Dalen, Michael Barolet, Mona Kuhn, Olivier Valsecchi, Quentin de Briey, René Fietzek, Ruben Brulat, Valeria Mitelman and many more.

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