The Animated Lookbook by Bernhard Willhelm

When I stumbled across the new lookbook of Bernhard Willhelm‘s Spring/Summer 2013 womenswear collection I was really excited. He is pretty much on the top of my list of favorite designers anyway, not only because of his designs but also because of the way he presents it and the context he creates around it. But this new animated lookbook makes me love him even more. You all know I have a passion for animated GIFs, but this is so much more than that. In the amazing wobble photos he also incorporated really cool 3D animated effects and masks that give the animations a whole different dimension. It’s awesome! I wonder if he might have been inspired by the animated runway GIFs that I made of his previous menswear season.

As a programmer I was of course impressed by the use of technology behind it. And I’m also happy that he presents a simple yet effective way to show animated photos without the typical loss in quality due to the limitations of colors in GIFs. If you look after the jump you will see a series of animated GIFs with the typical quality loss, but on the designer’s website it’s actually not GIFs but high quality JPGs in a very fast slideshow effect (move your mouse over the image to start effect). Nifty! More after the jump.



via Creative Applications

Enjoy all the amazing animated lookbook photos on the Bernhard Willhelm website. Move over the photos with your mouse to make them move.

This is one of the animated runway GIFs that I made from his previews menswear collection. More here.


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