HAU Re-Opening 2012

After the sad and emotional goodbye party for the last HAU art director Matthias Lilienthal, I was a little sceptical how the re-opening weekend with a whole new artistic team would be. I have to say, I was not disappointed.  The new girl on the block Annemie Vanackere played it save and brought a very emotional piece by Jerome Bel with handicapped actors on stage. Also, the program was lightened up by little charming perfomances from Miet Warlop happening all over the three HAU theaters. See some impressions from the night and a little review of the two pieces I saw after the jump.

As already pointed out Jerome Bel “Disabled Theater” hit a quite emotional spot. The stunning thing about that piece was that it was very simple and very effective. The actors called themselves a total freakshow and with that statement became more real and personal than most actors I’ve ever seen on a stage.

The piece “Schwalbe-Schwalbe spielt falsch” was a brutal theater game where the young actors had to pull off their clothes from each other. What might sound a little silly became more and more a destructive, sexual humiliating and extreme play. What started as funny and entertaining ended as beeing quite shocking.

I like the new interior of the WAU cafe and the HAU 2. But I think the foyer area of HAU 3 was transformed into something really ugly. I am not sure which interior designer on drugs went crazy here, but rarely have I seen something as tasteless as that room. But all in all it was a good start and I am looking forward to the program of the following months.

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