Berlin Film Night Winner

Together with the film curators of Mobile Kino our movie expert Lia compiled an amazing selection of Berlin-themed short films of all genres for our first Berlin Film Night that took place a month ago at out 5th Anniversary event at Naherholung Sternchen. The screening was a big success, so many of you came and we were very happy with the selection of films and the response to them. One of the perks of participating in this screening was the chance to be selected for a week-long screening in the program of the Babylon Cinema in Mitte. Out of the selection made by Lia and the Mobile Kino guys from all the submissions the creative director of the Babylon has now picked the film that will be shown on the big screen. We are very proud to finally announce the winner: Forever Passing Through by Mody Al Khufash and Thomas Sabel of Mothom Studio.

The film combines the genres of fashion and dance in a very unique and unexpected way. Shot at the iconic Haus der Kulturen der Welt with fashion design by Berlin-based label Issever Bahri it is inspired by Isidora Dunken’s dance philosophy. It’s about the freeing of the female body, moving away from rigid ballet technique and towards what she perceived as natural movement in connection with emotions. If you haven’t seen it yet you can enjoy the film in our Cinéma de Mode and soon at the big screen of Babylon Mitte. Congratulations to Mody and Thomas!

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