Tagging is Art – DWANE

I once had the awkward experience, that I had to give up all my colorful pencils that I had in my bag at the security control of the Berghain. They took them away because they thought I was going to use them for tagging. Actually, I was only doing drawings with school kids the whole day. Even at the Berghain, that I always considered a quite liberal place, tagging is a part of street culture that is seen as an act of vandalism and not as an art form. Exploring the role of tagging within contemporary art,  Skalitzers Contemporary Art presents the solo exhibition Writing My Name Until It Matters by Swedish/Hungarian/Polish tagging artist DWANE. As a member of the notorious Vandals in Motion DWANE has been laying the foundation for his latest series of works since he started writing in the mid 1980s in his home city of Gothenburg, Sweden. Almost 30 years later, in his first Berlin show, DWANE presents one immersive body of work: an abstract microcosm of the writer’s reality. Check out the flyer with all the details after the jump.

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