The Blogger Comeback of the Year

In the world of popular music the comeback of long forgotten stars is quite common. Not so much in the world of blogging, though. Blogs come and blogs go. Sometimes they get abandoned for a while and get picked up again later, but rarely did we have a proper comeback that made everyone talk and turn their heads.

Jessica Weiß is one of the first fellow bloggers that I got to know and came to admire after I started iHeartBerlin five years ago. At the time she and her blog partner Julia had just started LesMads that has since become the biggest fashion blog in Germany. No matter if they liked it or not – everyone was reading it, so it was sad for many, that both girls left the Burda-run publication a few years ago one after the other. While Julia started working for Conde Nast, Jessica went to Interview Magazine. She could never really let go of blogging, even after LesMads. No surprise, as she must have been the most diligent writer in the world of fashion blogs that I knew of.

About a month ago Jessie finally had her big come-back in the blogosphere with her new fabulous website Journelles. Together with a couple of other ladies she now writes again about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and news, but this time for a more grown-up audience. The style is more slick, more sophisticated and classy, but Jessie has kept her wicked sense of humor. Tomorrow Jessie and her girls are going to celebrate the launch of Journelles with a big party (with lot’s of hip-hop music) at Picknick. A look back on how everything started for Jessie and a preview of her new looks after the jump.

This is a very early outfit photo on LesMads from 5 years ago.

And this is how she looks now on Journelles. Quite the evolution!

photos: Journelles

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