Listening to Music with Yeasayer

photo: Anna Palma

After their hit album Odd Blood from 2010, Yeasayer released their latest album Fragrant World in August. The band continues to do what it does best: to combine Electro, Pop and Psychedelic in a fresh and experimental way. Shortly before their next Berlin gig on December 13 at C-Club, we talked with Yeasayer’s Chris Keating about music by Julie Felix & Leonard Cohen, M.I.A., Yazoo and Depeche Mode. More after the jump.

Julie Felix and Leonard Cohen Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye

A beautiful song. I look forward to hearing more from this up and coming duo of artists! Just add a four to the floor kick drum some dubstep bass lines and this song could be a big hit!

M.I.A Boyz

I like dancing and happy people so this song really wets my whistle. Kind of like a wiggling neon Keith Haring drawing. I wish my parents had forced me to take dancing lessons as a child.

Yazoo Only You

I’m pretty sure this is the Karaoke bar version of this video but I can’t get enough spinning or cross dissolving. They obviously did a lot of photo shoots which is fun.

Depeche Mode Enjoy The Silence

I really like this song. Depeche Mode are great…

Yeasayer Longevity

That dude is hot. I would hit that.

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