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There are hundreds of music bloggers out there that publish their own DJ mixes. In my opinion, the only one worth following is Grizzly. Since 2008 he has been publishing the Grizzlymix, which features a well-chosen combination of both Indie and electronic music, always surprising and always rich in variety. Almost anything is possible in these mixes, except mainstream bullshit and stereotype Techno beats.

But Grizzly is much more than someone who is just a music blogger. As a DJ, he has already been performing in numerous Berlin clubs such as Panoramabar, Bar 25, Watergate and Wilde Renate as well as at festivals such as Fusion, Dockville and MELT. His next Berlin gig is on Sunday at the Panoramabar. In our Interview with Grizzly we have talked about music by Elliott Smith, Chromatics, Maceo Plex, Depeche Mode and Ludovico Einaudi. More after the jump.

Elliott Smith Needle in the Hay

Well, the man, his attitude, his music. There is hardly anyone else that has chosen such a heartbreaking way of killing himself as Elliott Smith. How much pain, how much deepness, how much love must have felt guy – to write these songs and to choose this form of suicide. That just shows me: The greatest form of art always originates from the deepest form of sorrow. The guy is definitely one of my favourite human beings. And Needle in the hay is one of my all time favourites. BTW, do you know this one?

Chromatics Into the black

Johnny Jewel = God. Or at least something similar to God. That’s my point of view. No matter what he does – Chromatics, Glass Candy, Desire – it always has so much self-will and creativity. I have bought every single record of his without even listening to it – and I never got disappointed. He has this gift to create mystical songs out of simple, analogue synths and bass or guitar patterns. That is always fascinating. And God knows there are many boring versions of Neil Young’s My my hey hey. But this one here belongs into every record collection.

Maceo Plex Can’t Leave You

Boring. When he started to release under the name Maceo Plex, it was interesting and it kicked. But after the third release it became clear that you do not need to have more than one Maceo Plex record. The rest all sounds the same. It seems as if he would use a certain Midi scheme as a mixing template for all his productions. There is no variety whatsoever, not even in the structure. Next, please.

Depeche Mode Dream On

Difficult. I am a die-hard-Depeche-Mode-fan since the very beginning. But I what really like to know what happened in the break between Violator and Songs of faith and devotion. What happened to M. L. Gore? I just don’t get it. Before the break they were so unique, afterwards they were random and serving the mainstream. Whenever they release a new album I am somehow afraid of it. Their old albums are just too sacred to me, while ttheir later releases all seem trashy and shallow to me. Dream on is certainly an exception. However, this tracks is far away from songs such as Here is the house, Ice maschine, Her new dress etc. pp. ran. It is a pity.

Ludovico Einaudi Lady Labyrinth

Pure love. No matter if is film music or his other productions, he is a pianist that composes sophisticated modern classical music. Very moving.

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