Ubi Sunt AW2013/14 – Studio Presentation

My first stop for this year’s Berlin Fashion Week was at the studio presentation of the Swedish label Ubi Sunt, founded by talented designers Moa Wikman and Aidin Sanati. The designer-duo presented a conceptual, yet wearable, fall/winter collection with neutral dark tones combined with light gray shades, which fully represent the Scandinavian dark Romanticism. The show did not include a catwalk in its proper sense, instead it was organized along a setting of six white platforms, with beautiful male models coming one after another to present the new menswear collection. The young audience was free to stand directly in front of the models, or move around, thus be able to have a closer look at the single pieces and appreciate the stunning ability of the designers, in terms of cut and proportion. The collection included both wide and skinny trousers, combined with tailored suit jackets, sweaters, t-shirts and elegant shoes, with a minimal design and in different shades by way of black, dark blue and beige. Once again Ubi Sunt has not dared anything too playful or extravagant but has continued along its line of simple and minimalist, yet elaborated, fashion. The show was probably not the most surprising of its sort, but it still managed to be a delight to the eyes and a convincing way to open my Fashion Week tour. Some impression of the show with my favourite pieces, after the jump…

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