The Dance is never over…

The big Berlin festival of avant-garde dance – Tanztage at the Sophiensaele is over, but still there are some really nice dance highlights in the upcoming weeks that I would like to recommend. When I saw him perform for Dorky Park for the first time I became a huge fan of Jared Gradinger. He is also responsible for the crazy perfomances of the pictoplasma monsters that Frank loves so much. And generally speaking I think the whole editorial team of iHeart thinks that he is kind of cute. So I am quiet excited that he and his dance partner Angela Schubort are doing a double feature titled Les petites mortes . They are premiering this Wednesday with I hope you die soon at HAU and on the 7th of February in the Sophiensaele with All my holes are theirs.

In their new two-part project Les petites mortes Angela Schubot and Jared Gradinger focus on the theme of death and dying. In the first part I hope you die soon, they explore the possibility of dying together, giving a new dimension to their characteristic ‘dissolving the I’ in their very physical choreographic works. The trio All my holes are theirs, together with Aleesa Cohene, extends their investigation: in a radical act of surrender, the two performers attempt to disappear ‘into’ a third.

Check out the dates and details of these two dance pieces after the jump.

I hope you die soon – HAU Hebbel am Ufer (HAU 1)
23.1.2013, 20h, Premiere
24.-26.1.2013, 19.30h
Tickets: 11 € / 7 €

All my holes are theirs – Sophiensæle Berlin
7.2.2013, 20h, Premiere
8.-10.2.2013, 20h
Tickets: 13 € / 8 €

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