Listening to music with Kotelett & Zadak

Most artist biographies are totally boring. They just consist of PR phrases and they just present facts in a factual and objective way. So it is always refreshing if someone dares to do it differently – the Berlin-based DJ and producer duo Kotelett & Zadak for instance. This is how their biography starts: “Where the two actually originate, nobody knows for sure. Rumors have it that they once had a common love for sprat fishing and point their fateful meeting to somewhere on the North German coast. If you believe the various rumors, Zadak lost his pants in a raid by the Department of Fish and Game, while Kotelett, due to an overdose of moonshine, lost his boating license. Both lost their fishing licenses and, whoops!, there went their livelihood… What was left for them to do but abscond to the interior, a bleary-eyed and shady escape to where no one knew them by name. “From now on ….” one of the two is said to have mumbled into his beard; which one is still not known. And so, control rod was quickly exchanged with controller, stroke side with backspin, and fog horn with fog machine.”

In our interview with Kotelett & Zadak, we have talked about music by The Doors, The Undertones, Rammstein and Edgar Peng. More after the click.

The Doors Roadhouse Blues

Kotelett: What an energetic song! Instantly, I can feel this juvenile power that you have in the age of 17, this power that makes you believe that you can put the whole world upside down. With their hypnotic and repetitive style, The Doors certainly had an important impact on my musical development. In my opinion, some psychedelic influences would look good on our own genre as well.

The Undertones Teenage Kicks

Kotelett: The great thing about this apparently naively played Punk Rock song is its direct and straightforward style; there are just no frills about it. This way, the emotion gets straight to your heart. It makes you want to jump around and scream your heart out. Bam!!!

Rammstein Ich will

Kotelett: Well, what do I think about Rammstein anyway? I have always asked myself whether the concept of the band is build on irony. But now I have come to the conclusion that Rammstein is just junk. Their pathetic demeanor serves an aesthetic that I can not approve. In a way, Rammstein are the Bild-Zeitung in music. And I do find it terrifying that so many people obviously seem to enjoy and to yearn for the values that are expressed in the lyrics… Let’s get to the next song immediately. Otherwise I might not get this tune out of my head.

Kotelett & Zadak Let me

Kotelett: Let me was produced rather quickly and easily, we just had some doubts about the vocals. But somehow this sleazy way of singing “Let me touch you” fits the House beat so well that we could not have done the track without it. And it the end, for many people going to the club is all about “Let me touch you.” 😉 Anyway, in my opinion you can not combine intelligent lyrics or those that have a certain “message” with music that is made for the dance floor.

Edgar Peng Barbecue Bop

Zadak: This first thing that comes to my mind when I think about Edgar Peng is the Funk CD!!! Recently we had the pleasure of being chauffeured by Edgar Peng in his family Volvo to several gigs. On the way back we would always play this one Funk CD which in the meantime already became legendary among us. While the music was playing we would listen to the hours-long monologues by Tim Turmspringer and the soft sleeping sounds by Kotelett. At one point, Rob’s track Make it fast, make it slow would come up, and each time Kotelett would wake up and say “This track is so awesome” before falling back to sleep.

Now, about this track by Edgar Peng: It’s fluffy, jazzy and simply a great soundtrack for enjoying your life. As always with Mr. Peng!!

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