The Savior of Romance

Scented envelopes, pale pink paper and heavy ink spelling beautifully poetic words. This is how a gentleman would get in touch with his lady back in the days. Instead of picking up pen and paper we currently simply write a quick email, text or give someone a call. The means of communication have changed, that’s a fact.

If one considers this change positive or negative everyone should decide for themselves, but actor Franz Dinda is certainly a little nostalgic and recently erected a memorial to romance with his project Kavalier an Dame (Gentleman to lady).

Kavalier an Dame consists of 12 gorgeous, simple and romantic postcards, which gentleman Dinda phrased to imaginary ladies. Each of these „poetcards“ was the basis for a short film. Famous German actors and personalities like Dieter Moor, Ulrich Matthes, Herbert Knaup or Axel Bosse, interpret the poems in these very short films. Each of the films conveys a unique emotion, which is also portrayed in the words on the card. If you have a spark of romance and nostalgia within you you will love both the films and the cards!

For more information on the project and how you can order the cards please visit Frank Dinda’s website

And now here is a little preview to what you can expect from the lyrical short films that come with the cards…

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