Listening to Music with Tom Clark

In the 1990s, Tom Clark already was a resident DJ at two of Berlin’s most important techno clubs: the Tresor and the E-Werk. Today, he is booked worldwide as a DJ. In Berlin, Tom Clark regularly plays at the Panorama Bar, Berghain, Watergate and Kater Holzig. His style varies from minimal deep tech/house, Detroit techno, electro and house. Additionally, he seems to have a certain passion for soul and funk music, as you can see at the Hello, it’s me mixes that he regularly shares on his SoundCloud page.

In our interview with Tom Clark we have talked about music by the Bee Gees, The Who, Loud Rawls, Willie Graff & Tuccillo and Clausel. More after the jump.

Bee Gees – Love you inside out

I am a child of the 70s, so you should guess that it should come quite natural to me to listen to the Bee Gees back then. But when they published their fifth album and when its single Love you inside out entered the charts in 1979, I was just nine years old. Nevertheless I had already heard the characteristic head voice, because they used to play Saturday Night Fever at the radio on and on. I really discovered the Bee Gees four years later when they released Staying Alive. The musical repertoire of the Bee Gees is enormous, so that I encountered them again and again. And I again and again used to discover unknown tracks. Love you inside out is one of my favourite pieces by the Bee Gees, because it brings together Disco, Soul and Funk.

Clausel – Let Me Love You

A cool track, which was done in the hour of birth of Soul music. However, I prefer Midnight Star or Zapp. I need a little bit more of Funk…

The Who – Magic Bus

To me, the 80s were a time in which I constantly discovered new music. Eventually, this had to do with my adolescence. At one period, I not only found out about Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Frank Zappa, I also became to know The Who. They are a really great band, they had a huge impact on youth culture and they wrote songs that are unbelievably awesome. To me, Pete Townshend is one of the top guitar players of all time. After I had seen Quadrophenia I was totally drawn into it. Beside Eminende Front and the album Tommy, Magic Bus is one of my favourite pieces by The Who.

Lou Rawls – You’ll never find another love like me

Oh man… What a great song! This makes my sun shine, and I get into a good mood. Lou Rawls was awarded best Rythm and Blues singer three times for a good reason. Although some may still think that this track is by Barry White.

Willie Graff & Tuccillo – Set Me Free

I was totally surprised to discover this track on Free Range. This label has really great releases every once in a while. I liked this piece immediately. It is a timeless Nu Disco / Funk / Soul track. When you play it, you can even get the most sleepy after hour to another level…

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