Pantha du Prince & The Bell Laboratory

photo: Katja Ruge

One of the most interesting events of this year’s CTM Festival was the concert by Pantha du Prince and The Bell Laboratory at HAU where they presented their album Elements of Light. Get more information after the jump.

The Bell Laboratory are a percussion ensemble from Norway. Normally, the music they play is far away from what Pantha du Prince does. But for Berlin producer Hendrik Weber (that is his real name) teaming up with The Bell Laboratory was a logical step, as he already used bell sounds on his last album Black Noise from 2010.

Anyhow, the commonly produced album Elements of Light by Pantha du Prince and The Bell Laboratory was released on 11 January 2013. The concert at the HAU on Wednesday was an extraordinary sound experience. Just like on the album, the performance featured tubular bells, marimba, xylophone, cymbals, a bell carillon, a conventional drum kit and many other percussion instruments. It was surprising to see how well the sound of the ensemble and the electronic beats by Pantha du Prince worked together. However, I must say that it got a little boring at one point, as it all sounded the same after a while. Maybe that explains why the album only has five (long) tracks…

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