Pret A Diner at Opernwerkstätten

We’ve been following the pop-up restaurant Pret A Diner now for a few years already. They have been opening up in Berlin during Berlin Fashion Week for the last couple of seasons, but also had pop-ups in other cities all over the world. I always liked their interesting set-ups and creative menues, but I must say, this time, they have out-done themselves. The location, the old Opera workshop at Zinnowitzer Str. in Mitte is absolutely stunning and the set-up is especially nice this time. They teamed up with Circle Culture Gallery who have a very good urban and contemporary art exhibition going on there. They also have cute little thrift-store-esque shop that features items from all the places in the world they have opened up in. It’s really charming.

And now to the food. Wow! They offer a 3 course menue for 55 EUR with lots of options. They seperate courses start are 15-20 EUR which is really fair considering the style and quality of the dishes. The US filet steak is the best steak I had in Berlin so far, it’s so good you will be out of words. I also enjoyed the ox cheeks and the cod, they are amazing (and I normally don’t eat fish!). The best dessert is the “Zimtblüte”, at the opening I ate like 4 of them, so good.

In addition to the amazing location, exhibition, shop and food they also offer an entertainment program with live music on Thursdays and special events and parties on the weekend. Next week they will host the 1st anniversary of the Berlin Film Society with a special screening and dinner. More on that in our eventguide.

If you like good food and want to enjoy it in a very unique and impressive set-up you should definately make a reservation at the current edition of Pret A Diner. You will love it! It’s still going on until the end of Febuary. Enjoy my impressions after the jump.

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Pret A Diner

Jan 19 – Feb 28, 2013

c/o Opernwerkstätten

Zinnowitzer Str. 7

10115 Berlin

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