What to watch at Berlinale

For five days the silver screens of this town have been running non-stop: the Berlin Film Festival is in full throttle. As a native from Cologne I had to first sing praise to my hometown at Karneval before I could go to the movies. Therefore I’ve only seen 6 films so far, not a bad cut for two days. With a programme of more than 400 films that still means I can’t report much, I will save that for next week.

But here are a few tips for the hot films of the festival, that are already much talked about and in the run for the Golden Bears.

They are all still running, so off to the ticket booths and into the cinema!

Before Midnight (D: Richard Linklater, USA 2012)

After Before Sunrise and Before Sunset we meet the lovers Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke again. Those who have been following the series will certainly want to see this film. To those of you who haven’t but are yet hopelessly romantic and like to listen to Julie Delpy while she talks about pretty much every aspect of love and life go watch this movie but of course watch the other two before.

See pictures, more info and get tickets here.

Gloria (D: Sebastián Leilo, Chile/ ESP 2012)

Gloria is around 60, lives in Chile and is singe. She is the focal point of the story and also of the cameras lens. The lively lady dances through love and life youthfully and with an impressive energy. When she meets Rudolpho in a bar, she is letting herself believe that she can find love again, but has to quickly learn that one is never too old to make mistakes…

Find pictures, dates and tickets for Gloria here.

The Act of Killing (D: Joshua Oppenheimer, Christine Cynn, DEN/NOR/GB 2012)

Can one teach a remorse? An experiment tries to change feelings of pride and justice into one of shame and flaw. Murderers re-enact the killing and realize what they have done. This film is always sold out straight away and certainly worth seeing!

Tanta Aqua (D: Ana Guevara Pose/ Laeticia Jorge, URU/MEX/NL/D 2012)

Tanta Agua premiered yesterday, but even before the premier it was a much talked about film. 14 year old Lucia is the protagonist in this debut by the two directors. She has to spend a week long rainy vacation with her dad and brother in an empty holiday village, but she does make the best of it…

Get more information, screening dates and tickets here.

Reaching for the Moon (D: Bruno Baretto, BR 2013)

Director Bruno Baretto only finished this film a week ago and now it is already playing in Berlin! Film Festival Madness.

The melancholy true love story evolves around the life and love of lesbian poet Elizabeth Bishop. Searching for inspiration the young woman travels to Brazil and meets the love of her life and great professional luck, but yet she remains restless…

Get more information, screening dates and tickets here.

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