Legalize Love!

On Valentine’s Day it is all about marketing. And actually sometimes I have the feeling love itself is all about marketing. But for once I think some people are using the hype all over Valentine’s Day for marketing love itself.  In a very poetic way two humans are confessing their love in front the whole world in this beautiful video which was released last week. Federico and Stefano are a couple for over 11 years now and they will finally marry on the today in New York. Not because they love this city so much, but because they can’t do it in the city they found, loved each other and live together: Torino in Italy.

But this video not only promotes gay marriage for its obvious causes. It shows that it can be so simple to touch everyone around you just by telling your story. And perhaps by telling stories people will start to listen. Listen to their heart and make laws with the heart, too. Watch this heartbreaking video after the jump.

Emiliano Audisio, Marco Bottignole, Umberto Costamagna, Lorenzo Fontana, Christel Martinod, Paola Monasterolo, Michelle Nebiolo, Federico Novaro, Stefano Olivari.

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